We advance causes, ideas and candidates with

data driven strategies.


We Advance You


We are passionate about advancing causes.  We partner with organizations, nonprofits and ballot initiatives, harnessing the power of intentional data to propel worthy endeavors to success.   


We love visionaries with ideas.  We are visionaries ourselves with big ideas about how intentional data can spread good ideas effectively.  Knowing your audience can empower you to craft messaging that resonates. 


We partner with candidates for public office in a variety of ways from considering a run and testing the waters with polling to comprehensive data strategies to build for an election day victory.  

Reduce uncertainty through the power of information.
— George Khalaf, President


Data Orbital Data Services

+Survey Research

Conducting live and IVR survey research to arm you with the best and most accurate data to fully inform your strategy.  Learn more.


+Data Analytics

Providing a robust deep dive into data on the races, causes, issues and messages you care about.  Learn more.


+Data Process Consulting

When you grow your house file, you grow your influence.  We advise you on how to effectively acquire, store and use your data.  Learn more.


+Political Consulting

Leveraging our political intelligence and data expertise, we serve as advisors and consultants for candidates and issue-based efforts that align with our vision.  Learn more.



Access and visualize up-to-date general and strategy-specific data and intel with our Political Intelligence Portal powered by Vekkter.  Coming soon. 


We are...


Our actions are strategic and live beyond today.


We integrate your purpose with ours.


We are unwavering in our passion to advance causes we believe in.


We discover the unknown levers beyond your expectations.


We translate data into actionable, targetable impacts.

The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.
— Carly Fiorina, Former President of Hewlett-Packard
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Make sure your message stands out in a crowd.


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Knowledge is power.


Data Orbital is a proud member of the AAPOR Transparency Initiative

We are committed to providing trusted survey research based on the highest standards in methodology and transparency.