Survey Research

You have goals.

Win an election.  Pass a ballot initiative.  See your organization’s influence grow.  You also have questions.  Is my run viable?  Does this message resonate?  What does the public think about this issue?  What is the pulse of my district?

We arm you with the best and most accurate survey research data to fully inform your strategy so you can meet your goals.

Survey research is a delicate craft and we’re proud to say that our polls have a high rate of accuracy.  For example, during the 2016 general election, we came within less than 1% of the final outcome in predicting the US Senate and Presidential races.  We also know that targeted and effective survey research requires a thorough understanding of the context where you operate.  Our political experience, strategic relationships, and thorough knowledge of the current climate make us ideal partners to get you successfully across the finish line. 

To discuss your goals and survey research needs in greater depth, contact us.  We’d love to chat!

Data Orbital is a proud member of the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) Transparency Initiative. According to AAPOR, “The Transparency Initiative is an approach to the goal of an open science of survey research by acknowledging those organizations that pledge to practice transparency in their reporting of survey-based research findings”. This reflects our commitment to providing trusted survey research based on the highest standards in methodology and transparency.