Majority of GOP Primary Voters Undecided Trent Franks Replacement

(Phoenix - AZ) Congressman Trent Franks surprised everyone last week with his sudden resignation from the House of Representatives. His move triggered a February special election that is sure to draw national attention onto Arizona.

Data Orbital recently commissioned a live caller poll to gauge likely GOP Special Election primary voter sentiment on the names strongly considering running. As expected, with exactly 11 weeks until election day the majority of voters are undecided on who they would vote for.


Because of the make up of the district, nearly 65% of expected voters will come from Legislative Districts 21 and 22. We also expect 90% of those who vote to be registered Republicans, while the remaining 10% to be Independents or PND's.

George Khalaf, consultant and pollster, issued the following statement: “It always is a shock when elected officials resign from office. With the final list of candidates still to be determined, voters in the district largely don't know enough about any one candidate to make a decision. It is clear, though, that the more people who enter this race the lower the final win percentage will need to be. We look forward to closely tracking this race."


This poll of 400 likely special election primary election voters was conducted through an all live survey that collected results 75/25 from land lines and cell phones. It has a margin of error at plus or minus 4.89 percent, with a 95 percent confidence interval. Respondents were weighted on a number of different demographic figures based off a special election primary model. The poll was conducted from December 9th to 11th. Toplines and full demographic breakdowns attached here.

Data Orbital