Data Orbital: A New Look for 2018

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(Phoenix, AZ) With eyes on the upcoming 2018 midterm elections, Data Orbital is pleased to unveil a new logo and brand, new additions to their team, and an updated offering of services.  According to George Khalaf, President of the firm, “We remain committed to data-driven solutions that, combined with our years of political experience, are inspired by our passion to advance causes we believe in. We are excited for the year ahead and believe these changes will serve to further that purpose.”

Data Orbital is excited to introduce four new team members.


Youssef Khalaf is the new COO/CFO.  With an extensive background in management and experience in finance, Youssef oversees the operations and financial affairs of the firm.  Read more.

Joanna Duka is the new Director of Research & Marketing.  She will play an integral role in supporting research communications and directing our marketing efforts.  Read more.

Alanna Ostby is joining the team as a Client Success Manager. She will provide day-to-day support for clients, assist with research and oversee our project flow and systems. Read more.

Laurence Oele will serve as a Client Success Manager.  In this role, he will support and interface with clients and execute data processes, lists and models. Read more.

Data Orbital's product offerings for the 2018 election cycle will be as follows:

  • Survey Research: Conducting live and automated polling strategically crafted with your end goal in mind.  Learn more.
  • Data Analytics: Providing a robust deep dive into data on the races, causes, issues and messages you care about.  Learn more.
  • Data Process Consulting: When you grow your house file, you grow your influence.  We advise you on how to effectively acquire, store and use your data.  Learn more.
  • Political Consulting: Leveraging our political intelligence and data expertise, we serve as advisors and consultants for candidates and issue-based efforts that align with our vision.  Learn more.

Coming soon...

Vekkter: Access and visualize up-to-date general and strategy-specific data and intel with our Political Intelligence Portal powered by Vekkter.  


The firm is proud of their record of success thus far and looking forward with anticipation to an exciting 2018 cycle driven by great data and the best in political intelligence. 

For more information about their data and polling or to discuss partnering with them, please email or call 602.402.1238.  

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