SURVEY: Phoenix voters oppose spending $185 million for Phoenix Suns

The Phoenix Suns poor performance on the court is carrying over to city voters who oppose spending $185 million in taxpayer funds to renovate the team’s arena, a poll released Monday shows. 

In a poll conducted by Data Orbital and Marson Media from December 5-6, the overwhelming majority of voters oppose the potential deal. The poll found nearly 66 percent of respondents want the Phoenix City Council to reject the deal. Just 20 percent of the 450 respondents support the City Council moving forward with spending the $185 million in taxpayer funds to improve Talking Stick Arena with 13 percent undecided.

SURVEY City of Phoenix Suns Data Orbital

“The only thing worse than the Phoenix Suns record this year is voters’ support for spending $185 million to upgrade the team’s arena,” said Barrett Marson, CEO of Marson Media. “It comes to about $45 million per win so far this season.”

The Phoenix City Council is expected to consider a deal with the NBA team this week. But voters oppose such a substantial amount of money going to improve the team’s home court.

“While Arizona voters have a history of approving public funding for sports facilities, it is clear that voters in Phoenix do not want the City Council to give the Phoenix Suns public money for arena upgrades,” pollster George Khalaf said. “Our survey found that voters across the board, regardless of party, age or gender don't like the idea which is sure to make this issue a motivating factor in the upcoming Mayoral race and council elections.”

Toplines and demographic data can be found here.

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